Monday, November 21, 2005

A parody

Would it be nice if Nordin Mohd Top could don this very nice kain pelikat instead of that made in China face mask (oi Nordin, lu support JI ka support China?)every time he pre-recorded threats from JI.
For kain pelikat lovers you can visit here for more.
This message is brought to you by Konsortium Penjual-Penjual Kain Pelikat Malaysia.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

clown doctor's coat

Wow!Theodora Foundation of Spain sought top Spanish designers to design their clown doctor's coats. I wonder if Rizalman or Zang Toi could do the same here?

Nanta Cookin'

Do visit here for details. For every ticket sold (except for child seat) 30% of the proceed will go to MAKNA.

It is a Korean comedic stage show I am very interested to see(from clowning work perspective) especially when it involves improvisation using utensils commonly found in kitchens.

If you want to go bawak anak-anak/anak orang/kawan-kawan ke Genting for the show, you can book the ticket through my colleague, Mr. Vemanna at 03-42569178/79 or email

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

potato dreams

Shafiq and his potato dream
Please note that the potato survived the juggling acts performed in front of young cousins . However, the potato will never be used for cooking anymore by the kitchen people. They said, " kentang dah pening!

Images from The National Geographic November 2005

An Alien from Planet Zargos

Please note that there is no alien was hurt during this photoshoot.

Images from National Geographic December 2005

Please note that the unfortunate kuih loyang (kuih ros) was never survived the photo shoot.

gambar-gambar di New York dan Maine

Feel free to visit here for my photos during my recent trip to US.