Sunday, June 20, 2010


We (Islamic Relief) were given a 3m x 3m space at KLCC Convention Centre to put up our exhibition during World Halal Forum starting tomorrow. It is a 2 days conference. People from all over the world will be coming to the forum to talk.

Of course this is the best time for us to be there and tell our beneficiary's stories to anyone and hoping that they will support our cause.

And today, we will be setting up the place for the event and some of my colleagues are going there this afternoon to put up exhibition panels, preparing the brochures and decorate the space given free (we could have been asked to pay for it) by the conference's organiser.

It's Sunday. It's supposed to be a relaxing day for everybody. And yet they are willingly to forgo their Sunday just to ensure everything is well taken care of for tomorrow.

I called them up to offer my help despite that I too have my own assignment to be done later this afternoon. A lady colleague, I can hear her children's voices at the background while we were talking on the phone, said it's alright. She said, they can handle it.

Another, a cheerful young and hardworking chap told me the same thing.

It humbles me to know that I am working alongside with a dedicated team who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy just to ensure voices of the poorest continue to be heard to the world.

It is a great sacrifice indeed, at least to me.