Monday, August 22, 2005

cherita dari maine

salam semua,

I have read your comments in my earlier posting. I am so sorry for unable to reply all. only thru this i could express my thanks and appreciation for your kind words.

Hari ini agak free. Avner and Julie ( my instructors) pergi melawat anaknya Zev di New England Music Camp di Sidney, Maine - so no class in the afternoon until tomorrow. Still, homework is given - playing with goopy objects and I got to polish up my works on music numero and flash theatre ( struggling with the latter since last week - nak balik semula jadi budak 6 tahun playing and creating images on world war II bukan semudah yang dijangkakan....aduh susaaaaaaaaaaahhhnya)

It has been a week for me at the Celebration Barn Theatre, South Paris, Maine. Banyak betul ilmu dapat dikutip sepanjang minggu lalu. Yang paling mendalam - breathing. Bayangkan just with a right breathing - you can make the audience laugh!

Nantilah, once dah habis workshop ni boleh lah bercerita panjang lagi. ada orang nak guna pc di barn's office ni tgh kita sedap sedap nak mencecer...

jumpa lagi,

south paris, maine

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Journey

Sent to KLIA this morning by colleagues and si din, jiran depan rumah.
Arrived at newark around 7.30 pm local time after 22 hours gruelling journey by Malaysian Airlines.Sempat stopover 1 hour di arlanda, stockholm. Lucky me no problemo with the INS. passport stamped smoothly and no further checking at the customs.

sampai di newark memang tak book hotel apa apa pun. takut sangkut di INS lama sgt. called up few nearby hotels. most are fully booked. lupa this time around is summer. temperature cecah 35 celcius. panas macam KL but with no jerebu around. sky is clear.

anyway, booked into best western. just across the airport tapi dibawa shuttle bus memusing musing jauh.

esok pagi pagi nak kena check out and heading to NYC ( sejam jauhnya by shuttle) and try to get greyhound to portland the same day. tak larat lagi nak tgk documents etc. esok pagi pagilah check the schedules etc.

Tgh contemplating whether to spend most of the time after the workshop in NYC or explore other places around NYC. Sebenarnya kalau ikutkan hati berhajat nak bertemu Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, poet and playwright yang tinggal di Philadelphia itu. Teruja reading about him in Islamica (July 2005) Especially his poem, " The Coal" and how he uses puppetry to tell stories about prophets.

Tengoklah keadaan.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New York, New York

I am in the midst of last minutes preparation before departing for Newark tomorrow morning. Lots of things to be done today. Checklist? Passport? Flight tickets? etc...Urghhh! Pening.