Monday, August 22, 2005

cherita dari maine

salam semua,

I have read your comments in my earlier posting. I am so sorry for unable to reply all. only thru this i could express my thanks and appreciation for your kind words.

Hari ini agak free. Avner and Julie ( my instructors) pergi melawat anaknya Zev di New England Music Camp di Sidney, Maine - so no class in the afternoon until tomorrow. Still, homework is given - playing with goopy objects and I got to polish up my works on music numero and flash theatre ( struggling with the latter since last week - nak balik semula jadi budak 6 tahun playing and creating images on world war II bukan semudah yang dijangkakan....aduh susaaaaaaaaaaahhhnya)

It has been a week for me at the Celebration Barn Theatre, South Paris, Maine. Banyak betul ilmu dapat dikutip sepanjang minggu lalu. Yang paling mendalam - breathing. Bayangkan just with a right breathing - you can make the audience laugh!

Nantilah, once dah habis workshop ni boleh lah bercerita panjang lagi. ada orang nak guna pc di barn's office ni tgh kita sedap sedap nak mencecer...

jumpa lagi,

south paris, maine


Kak Teh said...

OOps shd have posted it here - So, u are meeting Lobstah? Have fun! and post manyak2.

MobileMom said...

Keep on posting...

drbubbles said...

kakteh & mobilemom,

yo so glad to hear from you both. sneaked out from the barn to barn's office next door.depa tgh jamming lagu country ! just performed music numero in front of the audience. never done it before in my life.

malam esok will do my bread and water routine.discovered accidentally during was painfully hilarious! (they said that. I don't know because I was so engrossed solving my problems of trying to get a slice of bread on the floor while holding a full glass of water).

this weekend, lobstah (hanise) will come to the barn to watch my tutor's performance and to pick me up to to their place in lewiston ( 20 min away). ahad malam i will depart to NYC from lewiston. will be in NYC for few days..insya allah.

Leez said...

Great blog!! wow, you must have the most interesting job in the whole wide world!!

Professional Clown eh?? COOL.

I'll definitely hang around here more.

za, (kl) said...

i've prayed for your road to success once, and now i'm doing it again.

may Allah bless you all the way, thru the journey; the road less traveled.

good luck & a big thanks for your big heart that've made many people happy.


many suns
many moons
and you, one.

anedra said...

IS, glad to know that u'r having fun and learning lots there! You shd put up a show for us when u get back!! In serious need of laughs back here!! take care!

Atok said...

aaaa... sounds u r having great time and menimba so byk ilmu, well done!
nanti kalau ada chan, boleh dtg uk buat exclusive performance for msian kids, amacam?

all the very best!

drbubbles said...

spam lagi??

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