Thursday, September 28, 2006

home sweet home & al-fatihah

Arrived home last monday after 21 hours flight from NYC.
Glad to be back. Jetlagged still.
Just got news from my sister that her MIL passed away in Mekah. Road Accident costing 9 lives. Have yet to get full details.



Anonymous said...

Salam ramadhan to u... how was ny? sorri, lately ada mcm2 hal.. baru nak sms nak tanya bila pi ny.. hehehehe..lost track of time.Welkam back & salam takziah


Queen Of The House said...

Welcome back! Would love to hear about your NY experience.

Takziah on the sad news. My mother is now in the Holy Land doing the umrah .. now you've got me worried.

Kak Teh said...

welcome back and salam takziah. will read news now.

Manal said...

Welcome home, mon ami, and ramadhan kareem to u.

Tak jumpa lagi la any news posted on that accident. Deepest condolences, takziah to your sister, esp for her husband who has just lost his mum. But inshallah her roh will rest in peace in a special place having had the chance to perform ramadhan in makkah.

Manal said...

OK, dah jumpa:

drbubbles said...

davi: it's on the news today.thanks for sms.hope your nephew getting bett-er.

QOTH: NY? hmmm. bad and can check with Wisma Putra. I think the names are already out. I am going to Melaka tomorrow for tahlil.

kakteh: tq. utusan ada list. the hubby is pak din ayam ( jual ayam di masjid tanah). very humble man.

manal: thanks manal for the lead.