Friday, March 09, 2007

SMS from Mak

My mom just learnt how to use SMS.

Imagine my horror when she SMS me this few days ago,

"Mak nak buat sepat"

aaaaa? I called her and asked what she really meant by the SMS,

and she just said,

" Ooo.mak nak buat cermin mata.. Dah rabun!"

And the other day, another SMS sent shock to my heart,


OK I get it. I will get VCD of Mukhsin once it will be on the market and send it to her pronto by Poslaju as promised.

Yesterday, she sent to my brother in UITM Seri Iskandar who was spending his weekend in KL this message,

" Pukul berapa flight balik?"

Even though we knew well enough there's no such airlines flying to Manjung for that matter.

Aduhai Mak..........


s'ayS said...

isn't it cute?

when my mom learned how to send smses, she would sign off as 'Mama' at the end of the messege, just like in a letter.

she's wisen up now ... no more 'dr mama'. missed that :o)

Abdun N.A. said...

Let her have her days Dr Bubbles :o
At least now, the two can communicate via SMS, instead of solely relying on talking over the phones.. tul tak? ;)

drbubbles said...


hahaha..that's funnee...

abdun: agree with you 100%..