Thursday, January 06, 2005

Clowning for Tsunami Children


Finally, clowns can go and tickle that sad hearts in Penang and Kedah. We will be visiting Penang and Kedah this weekend. This visit is organised by Mercy Malaysia to bring smiles and laughter to the traumatised children in the evacuation centers.

To anybody who wants to sponsors giveaways ( bubble soaps, foam red noses, stickers,polaroid films) to the traumatised children do let me know asap.My contact no. is 019-9499013.

Here come the clowns marching in!


Kak Teh said...

dr bubbles, sorry abt this late response. May Allah bless and reward you for yr tireless efforts - and to yr colleagues too. Will see if I can kirim something thru 'Abang Teh' when he goes back to M'sia.

MakNenek said...

is badutttt... im so happy that you are going to help out in this crisis. it sure sucks sitting around and not able to do anything except donate and hope that the money gets to the people affected. your direct contribution will surely mean a lot to these poor children. may allah give you strength, courage and patience dealing with the victims of tsunami

your friend

drbubbles said...

no problemo kakteh( err makteh..hehe), trip to penang and kedah overall OK.most people dah balik rumah.anyway we did clown shows in SK Tg.Bungah and SK Kota Kuala Muda. visited the tents and distribute the soft toys we brought along.

maknenek, am just doing what I am supposed to I am looking forward for acheh trip.