Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Birthday University of Bradistan

Happy 4oth Birthday to University of Bradistan.

It was here I supposed to learn on how to "make knowledge work" and yet I rebelled throughout the years. I skipped classes, final year papers and even my graduation day. Oh Blimey! I should gone to Tasmin Little Theatre instead of Chesham (former chemical engineering department) during that years.

But thanks to that rebellious years, I am what I am now. Words of my former Professori, the late Dr NS Tavare still lingers in mind.

" Go and find your calling young man. Don't be like me. I am stuck here."

Ah! It reminds me now to contact Registry office to get back my old exams transcripts.

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nyonya glenmarie said...

happy birthday to your uni :) wah, 40 years old - its life has just begun meh?!