Monday, May 08, 2006

Lantai T Pinkie

I went to watch Lantai T Pinkie @ Istana Budaya few days ago. Paid RM50 for the ticket.

Here are my recommendations on how that RM50 can be used for future Lantai T Pinkie productions.

1. RM50 can be used to buy good ubat sakit tekak di Klinik Pushpa Jalan Ipoh for Abby Abadi's obvious hoarse voice during the show.

2. RM50 to be put into immediate funds to bring 10 or 20 emperor penguins to replace that back up dancers who came on stage just like "penguins" . I think better use real penguins next time.

3. RM50 will be paid to professional sharp shooter to hit (bulls-eye) at that never-ending blinking light on the top of the stage.

4. I personally will added RM50 to kill "Tuan Delarosa"'s role. Kalau setakat masuk pentas and play role jalan jalan atas stage dengan rambut dye perang, gue pun boleh beb!

5. RM50 will be used to repair my "Ponggong" at a very good spa after that more than two gruelling hours watching " Ponggong Tengku / Tonggek Pinkie".

6. RM50 angpow for that "funny man" who stole the show during one scene with his antics in the background while Muhairis and Jongkidin were supposedly to get the focus from the audience.


UglyButAdorable said... was that bad?? a fren of mine kata superb gilerzz..diff peep diff opinion yekk

drbubbles said...

i am not theatre-goer or theatre critic when making these please ignore and never never think that my comment represent the mainstream.

also i have yet to buy the book so just like akmal abdullah in TV1 fenomena seni when he talked about gubra - basically i am talking nonsense. *wink*

Uja said...

bro, aku pernah tengok Lantai T.Pinkie but it was in Singapore. It was awesome though, alamak dah lupa pulak siapa minah yang play the main role but the director was Atin Amat.

I think I paid SG30 for it. Bawak mak aku sekali!

NoRE said...

wahh,,that bad month Actorlympics will be back,pi la tgk..huhu

Queen Of The House said...

hehehe, no need to tell me that this is no rave review :) Hope you'll catch a better production next time.

lepak-myworld said...

hehe..with rm50, macam2 boleh buat..that rm50 comments, light up my day bro..

nyonya glenmarie said...

iskandar, did nasha aziz sing at all? it's not a musical eh? i pun tak pernah baca buku tu

p/s: pls pls pls be free all day on 28th May? :P

sweethuneyz said...

well uja... i reckon the one in spore was much better. it was performed by ariati tasrib, if i am not mistaken.

hopefully the next theater will be better... *winks*

drbubbles said...

uja: hehe...bawak mak sekali?

nore: jimat duit tu pi actolympic lagi baik!

QOTH: mcm tgk wayang.ada best ada yang tak..mcm main ekor ada kena ada yang tak. err..saya tak pernah main ekor by the way..hehe

lepak-myworld: yeap..RM50 mcm mcm boleh buat...DVD boleh dapat 10 beb!hehehe lagi untung...

nonya: miming..alahai..ok 28th...

sweetie: next time..actorlympics seh?

MakNenek said...

i watched the re-run of t-pinkie, that was somewhere in the year 2001 kut.. KR was in it too. It was good. I'm sure props/setting-wise, KL Malay theatre could afford more (attop fresh famous stars), but the acting and direction was fairly good, tho on tight budget.

Hmm... aside that.. eh, ko ngan 'sweetie' gi sama-sama ke? ada apa2 ke sey???? beritahu ler bilik berita kami, sedia 24-jam!

sweethuneyz said...

kami belum bersedia mengeluarkan apa apa kenyataan berkaitan dengan isu ini.