Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rumah Solehah & syazwan

Mamagie, Farouq and me went to visit Syazwan last night. Before that, We dropped by at Rumah Solehah, to deliver some Christmas goodies for the kids.

Siti of Rumah Solehah playing with Farouq

At Syazwan's house.

shy at first....

5 minutes after that, he is already playing with Farouq

the family. the girl with red pyjama is his eldest sister-victim of retinoblastoma



Kak Teh said...

Is, am sure we can make it butam worried abt the worsening condition.

irzan said...

He is soo adorable. It's a pity for him to lose that eyesight, sigh.

I'm in Ukraine dear bro Iskandar, but my fellow friends in UK might be able to contact via ur given mail address.

I will tell my bro to donate some money to the stated account - he is in malaysia.