Saturday, December 16, 2006

Update on Syazwan

syazwan with his father en. effendy

Just got the latest and heartbreaking news from the doctors early this morning when Dr Sunder of HKL called mamagie today: apparently there is a "hidden cost" of additional USD28600 not mentioned by the Wills Eye hospital administration previously. Damn!

Only yesterday we were in jubilant mood when a friend offered her help to "lend" some funds and today we are back into square one. The next option is to send him to the UK and only by monday we will know the costing for that from the doctors. I hope the funds we raised so far will be enough to pay the treatment cost in the UK hospital.

Only yesterday, I cried silently while driving aimlessly to KLCC thanking for the "miracle" we got yesterday. " Ya Allah! Engkau makbulkan doa kami." I remember that words of thanks I mumbled while regaining my composure.

And now we are being tested by HIM again with the news from Wills Eye. Currently I am listening all over again to Josh Groban's "Don't give up!" to keep my morale high. I always believe, if your intention is noble, Allah will make it easy.

Insya Allah.

Do spread the words around. I pray to Allah so that miracles to happen again in the next few days.


Kak Teh said...

Is, like i said - we try and already there's response. hope it wont be too late. there are many good and generous people around.

deney said...

ohh.. :(

Ibu said...

Assalamualaikum. Doc, no specific account number for syazwan at makna's website. can u let me know the account details pls?

thanks doc!

p/s err.. how abt a shout thru all the other alumni clubs? worth a thought. every litte helps. i'll try thru srikandi, insyaAllah.

tsnah said...

Assalammualaikum doc, can I have the account details please?