Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I just got to know today that a good friend passed away few months ago. I was so stunned when Che Mat the biker told me about sudden passing of Suhaimi Joleman due to heart attack. He was just in his 40s. 2 weeks before that his wife, Kak Nett lost her both legs after a tragic accident along PLUS highway.

I met him when I was in Laos. He was there with Kak Nett, Che Mat and his wife riding BMW bikes all the way from Malaysia. We quickly became friends. I still remember how proud I was to read about his solo travels on his bike to 47 countries around the world spreading the words of peace. He is a true adventurer to me and lucky him to have Nett as his companion during his wonderful life. I guess Chiengmai will miss them very much for there will be no more annual honeymoon visits from them now.

It is very hard to lose a friend like Suhaimi.It is very hard indeed.


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he's a great man indeed.