Monday, February 11, 2008


I love the Principle 15 of Jack Canfield's How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be:


I went to KeKKWA today to clarify on my eligibility for SLPS's grant application in order to study theatre clowning for nearly 2 months under the great Giovanni Fusetti in Boulder, Colorado in late 2008. They said OK for me to reapply considering that there is a gap of 3 years since my last application in 2005.

Still, it is up to the panel members to decide when they table up and deliberate on all the application.

Anyway, I got nothing to lose. If I don't ask, the answer will always be No!

Note: I am applying for the grant to attend Giovanni Fusetti's two of three workshops at Boulder International Clown School, Colorado from August 26th to September 17th (The Red Nose) and September 22nd to October 5th (Clown's Life).

All in all, I estimate that I need to raise around RM15,000 for this study trip covering course fee of US$1400 (for 2 workshops),lodgings,stipends and airfare.


anedra said...

You've got it right. Ask, and you have a chance. Don't ask-then u prob have no chance at all! Good luck Dr Bubs. Will pray that u get this - YOU DESERVE IT!!

ps. kalau tak cukup 20 sen nanti I bagi k!

drbubbles said...


thank you for your prayer.

I am looking forward to go this year.

U know, terkejut ministry officials when I told them that I even applied for bank loans in order to continue my clowning study in 2006 in NYC.

Oklah they were very helpful - giving me tips to secure the grants..

niezam said...

Dun wori Bro .. if u application success .. u can count on me to look for your "wife" MYVI kaler hijau .. hee hee hee

mamagie said...

So Is, hang dah ke reapply for 2008! May this year bring big fat rat for you the big piece of cheese you are chasing.

elisataufik said...

wah, i've never met anyone so serious about clowning around

May your dreams come true, InsyaAllah!