Friday, December 12, 2008

Korban Hari Raya

We were in Kok Lanas, Kelantan during AidilAdha to carry out Qurbani Meat Distribution to the poor beneficiaries.Trying to avoid Gua Musang route, the 17 hours drive along the coastal Terengganu was really tiring and indeed,torturing due to massive 'bottleneck' traffic in Paka and Kuala Terengganu.Anyway, all that ceased when we saw the happy faces receiving the aid the day after.

I too, had a wonderful and smelly experience cleaning up the 'perut kitab'.I volunteered for that,anyway.

I shall let the images talk. All these excellent photos were taken by this lady.

It's quite easy to 'tackle' the cow if you know the technique.

Mosaics of images during 'qurban'.

'Lapah' session.You really need sharp knife for this.

Cleaning up 'perut kitab'. 'Kapur' will make the 'kitab' clean and white.

Young chaps 'dissecting' the qurbani meats.

Mix of young and old cutting the meats into smaller portions.

Head of Timbang - flown from Baghdad!Hahaha!

2kg of meats for each beneficiary.

Volunteers packing the meats.

The food pack consisted of rice,sugar,condensed milk and flour plus Raya cookies.

My boss handed over the qurbani meat and the food pack to the beneficiary.

In total 100 beneficiaries received the aid in Kok Lanas.Simultaneously on the same day, 200 beneficiaries received IRM's Qurbani aid in Sik, Kedah.
Thank you very much for your contributions.

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