Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mini Library, Anak Dinosaur and Barcelona

Quick updates:

Set up a mini library and secured a year-long funding for hospital clowning program for Children Cancer Ward in PPUKM. The Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia sponsored RM26,000 for the whole program. The library was officiated last week (10 September 2014) by RISM President, Sr. Hasan Jamil.

The ocean theme mural in the library.

The library.

DR Bubbles series now has 4 books. The latest book titled: DR Bubbles & Anak Dinosaur written and illustrated by my dear friend, Latfy.

Latfy signing the books for the readers.

Yes, you can order it from me. Drop an email at adabi99@gmail.com.

I am going to Barcelona on the 7th October 2014. I will stay at a fellow Malaysian who offered her place for me to stay during the 3 week-long hospital clowning workshop at Theatre Organic. May Allah bless her for her kindness to this poor clown. :-)

I will stay in this neighbourhood in Barcelona.
Will write again!


zonaku said...

it's time nk ke sana dah ya... all d best! bring back the experience & knowledge.
I'll quietly support from behind. Wishing one day can be personally join the trip to the wards to see their smiles...

the legend said...

Tahniah Dr Bubbles, teruskan usaha menghibur kanak-kanak yang perlukan penawar sedemikian rupa.