Monday, February 07, 2005

Clowning in Sarawak General Hospital


Just came back from Kuching last Friday. Managed to conduct hospital clowning visit at the Paediatric Oncology Wards of Hospital Umum Sarawak. Thanks to kusyi's partner in crime, Abang Zul who wonderfully captured the magical moments! Enjoy.

DR Bubbles with two young clowns after successful red nose transplant using latest technique (stickers!) Posted by Hello

Stage fright! Posted by Hello

flying kisss! Posted by Hello

surprisee! Posted by Hello

priceless moment! Posted by Hello

photo ops Posted by Hello

radio (active) station. where's the DJ?? Posted by Hello


Atok said...

salam. lama x dengar berita. must admit that i've not been visiting rantauan as i used to. anyway, all the best clowning around.

drbubbles said...


so do I.lama dah tak jenguk

weiling said...

Hi Iskandar, really proud to see u helping the children to see what smile is. The world is big enough for more people like u to brighten up their lives.

Kak Teh said...

ho is - beautiful pictures!! and syabas for yr ard work!

kusyi said...

first time dapat tengok iskandar in action. i personally think that iskandar should do this seriously. with the back up of serious organization or government, of course!
i sendiri saw how the children react and the smile in their faces. really, i couldnt forget it.
is, lepas ni kita pergi amerika pulak nak tak? or london, boleh singgah rumah kakteh and dia jamu kita laksa favourite dia tuh!

Zul Melaka said...

tengok gambo ni macam kenal jer. kena bayo royalty tu is. boleh juga fotographer tu buat2 tambang balik kampung dia...
psc apa kabar? jangan print duit udah ler

MakNenek said...

apo ko buat kat radio active station tuhhhh!! great work is, and very nice photos.. best dapat tengok gambo ko bekerja!

Jiwa Rasa said...

dr bubbles,

Congrats . never knew that we have our own Patch Adam here in Malaysia!

drbubbles said...

thanks for all the comments. insya allah, it will be a regular trip to kuching soon. :)