Friday, March 03, 2006


Going to watch "shut up comedy" Gamarjobat at The Actors Studio Bangsar tonight.They have won awards at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2004.
Been longing to see top-notch shows for quite some time.

My last theatrical experience was in NYC watching Chicago at Broadway, The Blue Man Group and Light in the Piazza three nights in a row.Chicago kira OKla...bit sassy. Blue Man Group was suggested by my teacher,Avner but after watching it I must agree with my host, Jane Nichols, that I left the show with somewhat "incomplete" feelings.

The Light in the Piazza at Lincoln Center Theatre was worth it. Tak rugi bayar USD50 for the USD100 ticket for best seating rows. (Jane offered another USD50 as a compensation for the bland shows of Chicago and Blue Man Group).

She told me this while handed me the dollar bills , " I want you to experience the New York and I know you won't regret it".
I sure did.


About Blogreader said...

Do let us know how Gamarjobat went.

drbubbles said...


aiseh..splendid show!might go again tis week.laughed laughed and laughed.

anedra said...

bagus eh?? Am planning to watch it next weekend!!

nore said... ni name dia gamarjobat eh..dah penah bace psl ni,tapi tak ingat title..mamat nippon 2 org tu kan ?

Izhal said...

eh, haritu saya ada tanya pasal stand up comedy kat blog orang lain. nasib baik sampai sini so taulah malaysia pun ada layan stand up comedy ni. nampak macam orang jepun je gamarjobat ni. stand up comedy bahasa melayu ada ka???

drbubbles said...

anedra: go go go...make sure get front row seats (facing the stage - don't sit on the both side - tak nampak sgt!) and you might be a "volunteer" for the act. Funny!

nore: ye saya..mamat jepun.sorang tu muka macam takeshi kaneshiro..hensem! :)

izhal: stand-up comedy more towards improv ( ala ala whose line is it anyway). gamarjobat is more towards theatrical clowning and mostly mime work. jauh beza dgn stand-up comedy.

kusyi said...

wah wah.
nak ikut nak ikut!