Monday, April 03, 2006

april fool

(wassup my man??)

The last April Fool I had was almost 16 years ago. It was totally my fault by challenging my seniors to outdo me. They did. The next morning saw me lying on my bed on my hostel corridors leading towards the dining hall. How they carried that heavy bed with this chap on it from the dorm 1 located on the 2nd floor of Black House is still a mystery.

And I had one again today when all by sudden my CPU in my office "vanished" over the weekend nowhere to be seen and nobody knows.

No signs of break-ins whatsoever yet the only thing that is missing is my CPU. The thief never took the nice flat screen panel or box full of coins on my table.

I certainly suspected that there are elements of CIA or KGB trying to steal something from my CPU. Rest assured all files inside the CPU already been erased last friday by Mr John after he reformatted my CPU due to worm attack.

If they are looking for all of my letters to Siti; just forget it.

I keep it in a safe place, Datuk K.


X-Eyed Jules said...

It's scary that we are talking about the same story in 2 different posts. It wasn't me!

drbubbles said...


i guess the one who did it to me was your junior....same modus operandi..he must be chuckled to death...

drbubbles said...

opss he must be clubbed to death

nyonya la usurpadora said...

iskandar, you tido mati ya... or maybe your seniors drugged you.. hehe..

nyonya la usurpadora said...

oh ya, terus menyampuk tak kasi salam dulu i ni.. found u thru k.D* a.k.a anedra's blog :) dah lama baca blog ni tapi senyap2 aje.. siti punya adik is my cousin's best friend (eceh, 6 degrees of separation la kononnya ni :P haha).. tapi i takleh la nak kirimkan salam she's made her choice kan ;)

drbubbles said...

puan nyonya sup dara: bukan tidor mati..mati tidor!

ahoya...anedra's bla bla bla punya gang lah ni ya?

err..kirim santau angin kat datuk K boleh tak? hehehehe