Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dabid & Golayeth

David & Goliath
Goliath: Aku nak makan kau!
David: Eleh...ingat aku takut?
Goliath: Adoi!!!!
David: Hahaha...nah rasakan penangan tapak kasut Adidas aku!


Atok said...

tuan clown...

pagi tadi dlm kete dtg keje, saya dengar dlm radio... ada satu study/research kat germany found out that when they used hosp clown macam tuan pada pompuan2 yg buat IVF treatment, the chances nak concieve jadi better... pasal pompuan tu lebih relaks after the treatment. dia org buat clowning session fortnightly during the treatment.

hah apa lagi... ni peluang keje skop baru ni :)))

nadya said...

hahahah.. david tak takut tu..cayalah..

iskandar.. u're scary enuff la..

Manal said...

Errr...nganga besar lagi and u can ngap his little toddler head. Btul kata atok, dalam bharian pon ade cover on laughing helps women to successfully undergo their IVF treatment (ref: and This study was conducted in Israel by the way. Amazingly, they made it a great finding on therapeutic clowning which claimed to boost IVF concieving process by over a third of the women tested under that scheme.

drbubbles said...

atok & manal: that's so interesting! dah cut paste tat article..

nad: hehehe..i garang you!

Doc Sims said...

comel nyer!!!

Juz browsing thru sentraal station and found your site.