Monday, June 26, 2006

Dear Siti................

Dear Siti,

Look what you have done to my nephew Amin.Yesterday when I was visiting my sister in Seremban, he was in the living room immersing himself in his drawing. Imagine my shock when I saw this drawing.It is an image of a newlywed couple. Of course being me I can't help to suggest to him to draw that thick moustache on it.

So please please lah just blurt it out and we the people of Malaysia can have a good night sleep after that.

And pity Amin, he is only six and you can imagine how this whole thing could do to (traumatise) him.

I beg you, just tell us lah "I suka Datuk K dan dia juga begitu dan kami nak kawin!"
Regards and cannot hug you,
DR Bubbles


klmuk said...

Betul tu Is.. dah jemu jelak baca newspapers dengan cerita dia!! Datuk K bawak apple & anggur pun masuk paper. Haiyo Siti !!!

drbubbles said...

hahahaha..this siti datuk k thing is pretty amusing!

Kak Teh said...

Is, pi lah tengok apa topik saya sajikan hari ini!!!

Amboi sayu baca the past two or three postings di sini. Tak pa, tak pa..Snowbell masih belum dirisik. Disuntik pernahlah.

Manal said...

How about a quick pop-quiz session with ur dear siti. The rule is to only answer it yes, no and maybe. No "no comment" please. BUt heck, it looks like another typical marriage among the malay celebs in msia: young female artist marrying aged datuk. Pretty cliche!
Btw, as expected, England is out at a 1/4 final stage.

Izhal said...

Hello Dr Bubbles,
pandai betul nephw Dr melukis... howold is he? dia pun tahu ke kes siti ni???

drbubbles said...

kakteh: disuntik atau dikembiri?hehe

manal: cliche indeed manal oooii..

izhal: he's 6 years old.brilliant chap.hmm.i am not sure whether he's drawing because of this siti thingy or relaying "oi bila nak kawin ni?" to me? hehehee

Izhal said...

just read your tag photo... brilliant wording... 100 years from now... yeah... 100 years from now life is merely a halucination ;)

my wife told me, as muslims life is the period between azan and prayer... 1st thing newborn muslims do is hear the azan... last thing before being buried is the final prayer... life is in the middle :)

Shanon Shah said...

I think you should engineer a pertandingan melukis in Utusan Malaysia or Kosmo about this, ha ha. Lepas tu your anak buah can win first prize. Lepas tu skandal: Pertandingan Melukis Siti & Datuk K dimenangi oleh kroni DrBubbles!

(OK, now people know how my brain works.)

drbubbles said...

izhal: i think i first read that tag at boston's children hospital while waiting for DR Gonzo and Nurse BB doing their rounds.


nanti aku kena saman dengan datuk K hang nak tolong bayaq lawyer fee ka? haha..anyway i must say your songs " berhantu" beb!

anabella said...

Datuk Silly suka makan cocklate datuk k hehe lejuk lah datuk silly dah hilang taring dan bulu org kampung kata kan dah lah keturunan bukan org kaya padan muka menyampah