Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I missed that "ops" in Laos. never mind. at least now i am hooked with learning Photoshop.And just renewed my devnet jobs account. never despair.

When there is a will, there's a way.


Kak Teh said...

what do u mean you 'missed'? Never mind - rezki ada di mana-mana. All the best, bro!

MakNenek said...

fret not. inshaallah something better is coming along. what about the patch adams tour? i hope you'll go for that and tell us all about it!

klmuk said...

a new window of opportunity will open. goodluck!!

drbubbles said...

kakteh: ituler takde rezeki. tak frust pun. done my best.

maknenek: patch adams tour maybe kena postpone next year.

klmuk: makasih sis.

Anonymous said...

belajar photoshop yah? mau lawan aku yek? :p


Manal said...

Maybe it is a sign that you could apply your newlyfound interest using (adobe?) photoshop for the upcoming big event: ur fav Datuk K and SNT. Jgn terlebeh controversial dah la...Look on the bright side of it so to speak. Blessings in disguise gitu.