Monday, May 14, 2007

Tradelah your RM30 worth of prepaid for something priceless

Interested to trade RM30 worth of your prepaid to bring anak yatim to see Shrek? Let me know.


Lil' Miss Easydent said...

Insyaallah saya boleh sponsor sorang. Mungkin dua kalo suami angkat saya sudi tolong lagi sorang. Kalo saya amik diorang jadik anak saya terus bleh?

drbubbles said...

miss ez dent,

thank you thank you...u can reach ms ernie at the office. no telefon ada dalam flyers tu.amik jadi anak?lepas tengok wayang terus bawak lari depa ikut pintu belakang..hehe

Islamic said...

Thank you to all that have helped. We wish to make a public appeal to all Malaysian for another sad conflict on going in the Middle East namely Lebanon. The Palestine refugees in Lebanon desperately need help and their condition worsen as the day goes on. Whoever who is interested..Please contact Ernie at 03 8948 6334. Thank you Dr Bubbles for the hand puppets..sure made the kids really happy!