Thursday, June 21, 2007


During my college (read : boring) days I used to cut away Sivaji's film ads in the newspaper and creatively replaced his face with mine. Unfortunately, the ads nicely stays on my locker's door was missing one day.

Later, much to my horror, I found out that somebody I knew had stuck it on the college notice boards.

Today, I am going to watch that much publicised SIVAJI by Rajinikanth at KLCC. Don't worry, I am well padded with a bulletproof vest and ready with my faithful Gray's hockey stick just in case.

"En valli – thani valli." (என் வழி; தனி வழி) - "My way is a unique way." . Don't be mistaken bro. That line was from Padayappa!

P.S Do go the website and you can get colourful SIVAJI wallpapers to replace that boring Siti Nurhaliza's one!


Manal said...

U know what bro, i was also enticed to watch it. Persetankan those eyes looking at u with wonders of why the hell do i wanna go watch a tamil movie, but man, this one is simply irresistable....hopefully, bila gaji masuk nanti, i pon dpt la tgk citer nih....Reading its reviews on the star yesterday already made me laugh by myself.

drbubbles said...


Yesterday, as I want to enter Cinema No. 4 at TGV KLCC, I saw an Indian family who were somewhat unsure whether they were at the right place especially when they saw me, a young (huahuahua) baldy malay chap about to enter the cinema.

"Don't worry, I am also watching Sivaji." I said while opening the door.

I think I managed to reassure them that they were at the right cinema.

Manal said...


correction, not The Star, but on the NST movie/theatre section.

Funny though....i havent watched Rajni's movies on the tv for quite a long time....