Friday, November 14, 2008

A tribute to a great teacher

I received a reply in my earlier posting on Qurbani:


Err..hello sir.

Ya may not know me..cuz i've just been reading through your entire posts in ur blowing bubbles blog.Cheers bro, it's a really nice name btw.

And one of ur posts REALLY caught my attention, which actually mentioned my mum's name. LOL. I'm Puan Siti Sarah's daughter. Sounds a little odd aye?

Psstt. Was my mum REALLY REALLY STRICT last time? Haha. "I'm totally touched with that post.HE MEMORIZED MY FULL NAME!", were her exact words. Lol. It's a lovely effort you got over there sir to make the world a better place for all of us. We wish ya all the best in everything that you do in ur life and may Allah bless ya.

Cheers.~Fatin Hazirah aka hazzakaulitz~

I could only replied her with a fitting tribute to this very great teacher, her mom,Cikgu Siti Sarah Daimun.Something that I have been wanting to say after all these years.

Wsalam Fatin,

What a lovely surprise! You read the entire posts in this blog?Ayo!

You are her daughter?Are you the one who is now pursuing medicine in Ireland?If so,she spoke proudly of you, you know.Really really proud!What a small world indeed to meet you,her daughter, in this blogging world.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to track her down few months back after searching for her for so many years.I could imagine how surprised she was to receive my call that day.And we, I believe,talked for hours reminiscing the good old days.

Yes, your mum was very strict during her Maths class but she never beat us,don't worry.Haha! But we all so loved her for that.

The fact that she was from TunkuKurshiah College (TKCian) made us ever determined to heckle her yet she knew so well how to'sidestep' incessant pranks and remarks from us and sometimes rebutted us with her 'sarcastic' remarks (and of course leaving us dumbfounded!). And yet we still loved her!

Pssst...One of the thing we used to make fun behind her back during her class was her big big retro style spectacles!Hahahaha! Syyyyy! Please don't tell this to her.We are still scared of her, you know!Hahaha...

Anyway jokes aside, do you know that when she was about to leave STAR Ipoh for St.Anthony, Teluk Intan, we held a farewell party for her. Came to the part where she gave her farewell speech yet halfway through,she couldn't finished it as tears rolling down her face.And some 30 odd number of boys joined the chorus and cried too!

I don't think I would ever cry for a great teacher since then.

I believe that if it wasn't because of the great educators like her (plus others) who tirelessly giving their best in imparting the knowledge and wisdoms to us, personally, I don't think I will become the person that I am now.

For that, I am forever grateful.


syasyafina said...

salam n hye..

1st of all.. that was my younger sis who commented on your post earlier..
my mom told me bout ur blog.. guess this has become my next blog to stalk at.. =)

really surprised n by that i absolutely mean it! ~ by this post of yours.. seeing my mum through someone else's eyes.. indeed is different..

thank you for making the career she chose satisfactory for her by the existence of students like yourself..

hope the path of becoming a doctor gives as much satisfaction as that?? *hint2~3rd year is killing!

anyway.. best of luck to you..


drbubbles said...

Dear Syasyafina,!Yesterday was Fatin and now Syasyafina.It was your younger sister? And now I got two sisters (stalkers?)hehehe...hounding my blog.

Ah I better behave myself otherwise you both will report my antics back to your mom...hahaha...
She is still my strict maths teacher, you know..So I shall watch my words...hehe...

You both must be proud of your mom,just as she is proud of you both for striving the best in your chosen path of endeavour.Don't let her down. it's a great day indeed!

Manal said...

Asal entry emo jer ur english gets to be so la classy with big words and all...

Caieja said...

gile comel... jumpe2 kat blog...

susah2 je tv3 buat jejak kasih...

Anonymous said...

Jejak kasih?

Ader lg rancangan tuh?





Anonymous said...

awwwwwww..... this is so sweet (the entry as well as the comments)

syasyafina said...

i pon terasa diri i comeylzzz.. ahax ahax.. blush2 wink2..

Kakak Tiri said...

I am touched by your last para and your last sentence.

Berkat Cikgu Siti ngajor dapat anak murid macam Si Bubble ni!

PS - Cikgu kat TI ke? Kat mana? Pekan Baru? Cicely? Padang Tembak? Saya orang TI juga, cikgu :).

HaZiRaH said...

Salam kakak.

My mum is asking, kakak dulu skolah mane?
My mum taught in SMK Seri Perak for 7years.
We rented a house in Tmn Seri Setia.
And now we are in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
Kalau kakak ke Png jemputla ke rumah.