Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Would you help?

Consider these facts:

A man, Zakaria,38, who had a massive heart attack and now need an angiogram procedure & stenting in a hospital to open up his blocked heart vessels. He has lost his passport and has been working illegal in this country as a construction worker for the past two years and who got family back home. He is a man with no country.

The cost for angiogram is at least RM600 and stenting is about RM5000.Without the operation he will very likely to die. At this point of time the cardiologist and 2 colleagues ( one of them is my friend who texted me the info for help) who are trying their best to save Zakaria's life are willing to chip in themselves but it's still it is too much for them to bear.

Do not ask me such questions:

Why can't the hospital cover all the cost?
Who is this man?
Is he for real?
Why should we help him?
Why can't UNHCR helps,etc?

I have no answers for that.

Simply, all I know, there is a man is going to die without the operation-without the necessary funds.If you want to donate to cover the operation cost - please email me personally to

After considering all these facts, would you help?


Roti Kacang Merah said...

Allah, kesiannya.

Imagine him being so distraught and despair.

I don't see why anyone wouldn't help him since we now know that he's a genuine case...

drbubbles said...

I watched "The Bucket's List" on DVD last night.One of the bucket's list crossed by the actor Morgan Freeman was,

"Help a complete stranger for the good"

I hope everybody would do the same for him.

Anonymous said...

"everybody" would help him if "everybody" has the money......