Saturday, January 10, 2009

Orphanage Library Project: Updates

Article: The STAR, 10 Jan 2009

Thousand apologies for the delay in updating the orphanage library project's fundraising progress.We are quite busy with raising funds for Gaza at the moment.

Anyway,to date, we have manage to raise about RM6000 from public and friends.It should be enough to set up one library for now.Earlier plans to go for two libraries maybe have to rescale down.

I hope the article in The STAR today would encourage more people to help although the focus now is on Gaza.Personally, I am OK with the fund raised so far. The priority is quite clear for everybody.Help the desperate ones first.

As for library project, I always remember the words by Jeannie Lindheim, the founder of Heart and Noses Clown Troupe in Boston,when she talks about hospital clowning work,
"one clown at a time"
Perhaps in this case,the tagline is going to be,
"one library at a time"
Still, it is not to late to chip in as we are going to install the library in early February 2009.To donate towards orphanage library project, do log on to: or call me (Iskandar) at 03-8948 6334.

Should you have any queries either on library project or Gaza do drop me a line at :


..::IsmIWafa::.. said...

salam encik bueh2..
pagi tadi saya baca the star..
ade muka encikk bueh2 lah!!
mesti lepas ni traffic dr.bubble
semakin jam..

Faridah said...

habis satu star hang bolot.Hahaha.Congrats.I have also passed on your Islamic Relief link to friends in my NGO and the uni.I don't think it's ethical for some NGOs collecting funds for Gaza to give statements like "we have the money now but we do not know how to channel them to Gaza" etc etc.Patutnya be sure you can channel before raising funds.Kalau tak menipu namanya.Betol tak? BETOL!

So I tell people: give to Islamic Relief, they have keupayaan to deliver.

Jangan lupa besok petang di BRP.Magician dtg between 1.30 and 2.30 pm

kakadeq عبد الرحمن said...

same² incik dr.bubble.
terima kasih ntuk perasmian comment.
semoga sentiasa dipermudahkan segala urusan. aminn :)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

wooohooo iskandar! that star article was a pleasant read on a relaxing saturday morning.... am sooo proud of you and your efforts....

drbubbles said...


keadaan trafik masih lancar..hehe

Dr Faridah: Naik seganlah pula.Hahaha!To me,nak tolong tolong,tolong betul-2 and committed till the end.Islamic Relief dah duduk dalam Gaza 10 tahun dah with all sort of award-winning humanitarian programs for Palestinians and will continue to be there for a long period of time.Let our efforts there speaks for itself.

This reminded me of The Community Development Philosophy (by Yen Yangchu, 20th century community-based development pioneer from Sichuan, China)

"Go to the People
Live with the People
Learn from the People
Plan with the People
Work with the People
Start with what they know
Build on what they have
Teach by showing, learn by doing
Not a showcase, but a pattern
Not piecemeal, but integrated
Not odds and ends, but a system
Not to conform, but to transform
Not relief, but release"

kakadeq:no prob.

Puan puteri: reading your entry on hajj tadi.Thanks!

Shamudd said...

Bro Iskandar,
Aku mmg respek pencapaian hang. Dlm ramai2 budak STAR, cuma hang yg aku kenal masuk The Star.Rashidi Ishak aka Rusky biasanya column 2-3 perenggan je.Hope to meet up with u one day.

Shamudd Batch91

Manal said...

BRAVO on getting such a coverage (ala2 centre spread page) in The Star, jitut! Harosss la catching more n more attentions from girls across malaysia , singapore and brunei (and perhaps those who r reading the paper on the plane too!)

U think some other comedians in our country like harith iskander and afdlin shauki would wanna join in ur act and help increasing the donation?

A friend of ours and a regular The Star buyer, Rahmat safian texted me early morning about ur appearance. Told him, its not totally new news to me and that u have also made a debut appearing on Astro Channel 501.

Go ahead, impress us more!

zamz said...

baru baca star malam ni...
keep it up..
bangga aku dpt senior camnih

Anonymous said...
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nurazzah8 said...

salam Bro Iskandar,
tahniah...three full pages semalam....

pagi-pagi lagi saya dah excited tunjuk gambar you kat anak-anak...then dia orang pun perasan..." kan pakcik yang datang rumah kita dulu.." another son, " ni pakcik yang buat kipas helikopter dari kertas tu!!" ...
remember? you showed him how to make the kipas from a piece of paper....

Tahniah...teruskan usaha yang murni ini...semoga Allah membalas dan memberkati serta melimpahkan Rahmat di atas segala usaha yang bro lakukan...

drbubbles said...

Shamud: Alamak gua lagi glamer dari Rasky ke?hehe...

Manal: part of my job je..tak rasa glamour long it will create the awareness on library project,that would be fine.

zamz: just doing my job aje bro...

Puan Nurazzah: they still remember the cigarette paper finger propeller tu?hehe...thanks for your support.

nadya said...

proud of you my org kampung, and proud of the team n rasa bertuah boleh join skali masa ke perak..

and my photo sekeping make it in the Star under write up on you tu.thehehe! :) happy keih melihatnya.

Zawi said...

You are A Star in The Star. Congratulations.

syafiq n said...

a true STAR!!! congrats!

now i have a clearer picture of your background =)

farah said...

So glad to learn that Islamic Relief is here in malaysia. IMHO the Library Project is still a priority. Of course there are others in a worse situation, but for the orphans life must go on. We can't deny the needs of the children in our own back yard