Thursday, March 24, 2005

What do you want to know about Clown Doctors?

1. We read Oprah.

2. We encourage nose-picking exercise.

3. We wear gowns in sensitive care environment.

4. We partnering in two to "bounce" and to avoid occupational burnout.

5. We use "empty pocket" clowning - small props or less and relies a lot on improvisation.

6. We clown in transplant unit with face masks and scrubs and of course our red nose!

7. We see things differently.


Jiwa Rasa said...

Dr Bubbles,

You really remind me of Patch Adam, and of course the red nose..

BTW, have you read the book by Patch Adam MD, House Calls?

MakNenek said...

this is cute!

drbubbles said...

jiwarasa: red nose is the simplest mask in the theater world.

Yes. I have read it. there is another book; Gesundheit co- written by Maureen Mylander.really thought provoking.

maknenek: cute eh? mak aku punya statement; astargfirullah al azim!!

atenah said...

susah la i nak komen pasai tak pernah jumpa org macam you ni, honest from me

salina said...

ternampak gambar ko aritu, pakai hidung merah kecik.

pakailah hidung merah yang besar tu. mesti nampak lagi kiut. hahaha.

*nak buat transplant hidung merahlah. :p

drbubbles said...

atenah: saya berdarah bugis dan rawa.kalau zaman dahulu sudah jadi pelayar/lanun.tapi di zaman moden terpaksa cari makan jadi badut! hehehe...

salina: red nose transplant is ze most difficult ops ever using penyepit kuih bought from RM2 shop.

CK said...

Hi Dr. Bubbles,

Bloghopped from SF's. Am intrigued by your blog :) I do so love Patch Adams and asked hubby to watch the movie (yonks ago!) but up to this day, he still hasn't watched it and I can't understand why!!! Grrrrr!!!!!

Keep clownin' :)

iJun said...

hey doctor bugis.. ehh bubbles.. is it true that laughter is the best medicine ala reader's digest? if so, then what is the success rate so far?

also, what is this thing i heard where people have this fear of clowns? what are your thoughts on that?

ugh, dunno why i have a lot of questions in my head at the moment...

haven't gone through your blog yet but so far i think you're one cool doc to spread laughter all round.

Sunflora said...

So which one is you?

drbubbles said...

ck: tq for visiting. first watched patch adams back in 1998 in's my textbook (vcd) now.

ijun: they have done studies on the effect of laughter towards health. it won't cure cancer for that matter, but it helps to reduce stress. let me know if you want more details on that. you can start by reading norman cousins " anatomy of an ilness" and gesundheit by patch adams himself.

clown fear? it's normal. that is why clown doctors make up is simple and lesser compare to american style clowns.personally, I also don't like the excessive make-up to cover all your face. yes it can be scary. if a child scared at me, I will mirror his behaviour (become afraid as well) and keep my distance until he/she becomes comfortable.check the archives on my sarawak visit. you can see a young girl became afraid of me, and you can see my reaction.

sunflora: me not in that pictures.they are all from the big apple clown care unit in boston's children's hospital. I have met two of them, Dr Gonzo and Nurse BB when I pay them a visit in 2003. you can check the archives to see me in action.

Snuze said...

MasyaAllah ... may Allah SWT grant you the will and patience to keep up with your good works, kind sir. I don't think I have the strength or courage to do this to bring cheer to sick children.

*salutes Dr Bubbles*