Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thank you

15 June 2005

Maknenek Banner Productions Inc,
PO Box 5461,
Black Forest,
Jerman Barat.

Dear Madam,


I refer to my satisfaction for your the very beautiful banner design. Thank you for your excellent service; just give the details and the gambars to you and wallah!banner ready within 30 minutes. What a terror (tera) designer you is!
I also check aa that you also did bleutiful banner for other customer; so I am satisfied and happy.

And more thank you for your international support service too. This makcik from london very promptly contact me and will try to repair the blog. yelah the right column seems to drop down. And I know I am in the safe hands when she was blabbering about mozilla and godzilla .that makcik I tell you, very the techie one you know. where you got her to work for you meh?

I am very happy like in the cloud 7 to see my banner already beautiful up there!

thanks you again for your assistance.

Your everloving customer,

Dr Bubbles

P.S : Eh! Eh! stop! stop! why aa suddently aa my banner went lost meh? cannot see pictures some more? my check bounce meh? please sent that makcik modzilla godzilla to assist me again, please. My numbet aa is 00-603-4156 9871. I am right here waiting for her.
Sorry aa for my engrlish is not so OK.


MakNenek said...

Dear Customer,
It is our pleasure to forever serve people one. Our policy, "U hepi, I laggiii Hepi!". So no need lah write blog blog all this, you make our company shy lah. Our company very modest one u know. We like to design-design for fun. Our partner in crime (we mean, our subcontractor), is the ever-clever html expert we import from londra. She ah, fuuyooo, you give her any template she can change this change that one! I'm so lucky because she also never charge anything, or else ah, sure I tutup kedai because of all the surat complain I will get from my customers.

Last but not least, it is my pleasure to be able to do something at your blog and showcasing all your extraordinary work you have done. unlike other banners which iv design, this one, has many gambar2 because all so cantik and deserve recognition.

p.s : photobucket is down at the moment. dun woli, when u kasi duit pengeras, nanti dia datang balik. :)

From Customer Satisfation Guaranteed Department

Kak Teh said...

Kak Teh Banner Installation SVS

Dear Customer,
We only guarantee satisfaction, or no money back. Most probably no money at all.
My services, as it is introductory, for the moment is Free. However, the cost of training panjat memanjat memasang banner, using the expertise of Spiderman, can be very expensive. There are alternative tutors lah, for example pencuri part time yang masuk rumah orang, but I'd rather be professional.
With regards to the missing picture, actually it is not missing at all. You need special visual aids to see it. Orang yang tak nampak tu maknanya..jeng jeng jeng...
Sementara gangguan berlaku kak teh rehatkan badan di bawah pokok cheri di sebelah gerai Bai Tairu. Kalau ada apa-apa hal sila hubungi pronto.

Kak Teh Banner Installation.

drbubbles said...

Dear Madam,

waaaahh. very good the reply service meh!

very the cepat one forward replieds from the design kompeni and installation kompeni some more.

i tell you meh.. very international fast forward satisfaction guaranteed service.

thanks you.

regards very lovingly,

I am so hepi customer

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Iskandar

We were contacted by one Mrs Makcik Blur from Londra today with regards to the installation of your banner. We were informed that you, in her words, very the happy with the design and the installation. Somemore all free one..Wah, these two ladies very the talented .. you go and promo, promo lah in KL. Then maybe, they can sub-sub contract you. And then when we all go back to KL, you can belanja-belanja us :)

The Watchwatch Team

atenah said...

is, tengok hang punya banner baru teringat, hey, u cannot lose so much weight la, skinny clown not fun lah.

drbubbles said...

klmuk: when the period mencecer comes, you sure ada punya ya!! hehehe!

atenah: ituler pasal. camno ek? dilemma ni?

MobileMom said...

I almost fell off from my bed reading all this comments!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

kalau ko dah kurus tak bleh guna nama Dr Bubbles lagi dah. Tukar jadi Dokter Kering pulak.



drbubbles said...

mobilemom: u should join us for cheritera bangsawan or perang pantun at semua jadik tak center tau!

MassyLassy said...

You banner makes us sooo happy! Very the lawak one and very cool!!! Those 2 ladies memang teror kan? Ni kita mesti kena kasi special plesent untuk diaorang for their hard work!!!

drbubbles said...

salina: can still can dr tiny bubbles!

masslassy: yala should gave them plesent..BIG Plesent meh!

E said...

Baca komen pun boleh tergelak2 depan pc. BTW banner nie mmg cantik. Lain dr yg lain.

drbubbles said...

e: you also use her satisfaction service meh? did makcik from londra come to service your banner?

iJun said...

hahaahahah you guys so funny one!

drbubbles said...

ijun: funny and tragedy (missing banner,makcik londra and maknenek) cannot be separated!hehehe

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