Monday, November 13, 2006

tough lorr

Been advised that it's going to be tough.

Calls never been picked up. SMS never been answered.

Hahaha...I hope she know what she is up against with.


Manal said...

Obstacle, hati keras macam batu, keras-keras kerak nasi, kata-kata yang lembut umpama titisan air yang boleh melembutkan hati yang keras macam batu, etc.

Ya lateef, lembutkanlah hati si dia....

Patience has its limits. Istikharah and solat hajat and see how it goes. Mail her a nice card. Jgn asek kejar dia jer...dont try to make communication with her that often.Paling2 once a week. Surprise her instead of bugging her.After a while, beranikan diri bersemuka, face-to-face, heart-to-heart. U may ask her out to a nice restaurant. If u r that damn determined and sincerely looking forward to share your feelings with her, she could feel that sheer intensity after some time. Whatever the outcome would be, at least you've tried. Dont be afraid to get rejected in the early stage.

Just remember, bunga bukan sekuntum.

kusyi said...

Suruh dia jumpa gua. Boleh tolong ayat kan. Tolong jualkan... hehehe.
u think she will buy?

Kak Teh said...

give her time laah Is. From what i heard, she needs time to recover. tok sah rush dia lagi.
OR - pi depan rumah buat juggling!

deney said...

hooooooooooo.. hati perempuan. lama2 jd lembik jugak.

drbubbles said...

manal: thank you very much for the advice! :)

kusyi: hahaha..kalau hantar your testimoni /referee kat dia sure lembut kot..hahaha

kakteh: dah sewa lori surat khabar lama suruh buat announcement , " tolong angkat telepon!" depan rumah!

deney: ye ker deney oo? macam ada experience aje?hehehe

mak budak mudah alih said...

hehehehe bak bertenang bang. Nanti dia angkat la tepon tu. :)

drbubbles said...

mm: toughlorrr..sabr sabar