Monday, November 27, 2006


Only 6 people turned up. That's the problem Cathy Perkins from Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit warned me about when I told her my program would have start as a volunteer-based.

I must thank the people who turned up that Saturday. Dr Alzamani who came straight from HKL after his locum, Munirah, her brother Muzaffar (me and Alzamani enjoyed talking to him about C&C process as he is currently studying at GMI Shamelin Perkasa), Puan Noraini aka Kak Onie of SALAM, Ina - hardcore SALAM volunteer and works as a lab assistant at a school in Hulu Yam, Ain our bubbly part-timer and Syahmi, 9 year old boy who came to accompany her mom to work at our ward that day.

We learned breathing,clown walk (thanks to brilliant idea from zamani), complicity and improvisation. We used the open space next to the ward and occasionally we noticed the patients peeking through the window to see us doing the exercises.

I am looking forward to do the next workshop next month. But this time around,I am only seek for committed volunteers; so I might charge them refundable fee if they want to come. Otherwise, they can easily cancel their commitment last minute. Even, some of them don't have the courtesy to return my missed calls and simply relayed the message through a third person who turned up. Maybe free knowledge don't have any values at all to some people.Enough is enoughlah.


kakak muzhafar said...

keep your chin up Is!! hmm.. hehe.. i can imagine you with your 'i know :)' pose when facing obstacles :))

deney said...

laaa.. tk cakap awal2.. kalo tk bleh pegi. hehehe

drbubbles said...

munirah: ya lorr..i tukar jadi dinasour..oppss i know..

deney: nxt month ada lagi..nanti bagitau deney..