Friday, November 10, 2006

You Learned

It was yesterday. I was assembling my newly bought bookshelf in the living room when I hear familiar footsteps outside. Oh, these bunch of kids, again! For past few days, my “halaman’ becoming a favourite spot for the kids from the neighbourhood for their hide-and-seek games. My rented house is cozily situated on a cul-de-sac lane and I really enjoy the “quietness” of it after work. Thus, the presence of the kids running around lately made me a little bit annoyed.

I was halfway through with the bookshelf I decided to have a little “nice words” with the kids outside my house.

I opened the sliding doors and through the grill I saw 2 or 3 kids with bicycles and I said nicely,

“Adik, boleh tak main kat tempat lain?Kalau apa apa hal tak pun barang hilang dari rumah orang, adik pulak kena tuduh nanti”.

One of the kids, the smallest,

“Ok, ok , kami faham” and they walked away.

For a while I was glad.

A minute later when I returned to finish assembling the shelf, I realized.

“Have I say something wrong? They are just bunch of kids who see my house as their safe place” I reasoned.

“Perhaps, I was too quick to judge them” I quietly said to myself.

“Do they pose problem to me so far?”

The answer is quite clear. I was wrong.

I quickly finished hit the last nails into the bookshelf and prepared myself for my routine walk at Bukit Indah Forest Reserve. As I drove out from the house, I saw the kids again at the junction.

I slowly stopped the van and rolled the window. I said,

“ Dik, bukan saya tak bagi adik main di rumah saya tu. Ada besi tutup lubang tempat kumbah tu pecah”. Yes there is a broken septic tank cover situated in the house compound that has not been replaced for quite sometime.

“Takut nanti kamu main di situ terjatuh.”
I reasoned nicely.

The smallest kid replied,

“ Ooo..pakcik tak marah lah kami main kat sana ya?”

“Tak. Tapi pakcik takut awak jatuh dalam lubang tu” I explained.

“ OOo..pakcik risau kat kami lah ya..OK..kami faham” He said.

“Jadi, pakcik tak kisah kami main kat sana?” He cleverly negotiated their terms.

“Tak tapi hati hatilah”. WIN!

“OK”. Agreed.

Phew. Yesterday, One thing I learned, that it’s better to explain something with care with the young rather than scolding or shouting at them right away without explaining the reasons behind it. You will never get their respect.
Note: And another good lesson, I know I am already old when they called me Pakcik.


Jiwa Rasa said...


Thank you for the lesson. It's like reading a story from the Chicken Soup for the Soul.

TQ Pak Cik.. he he

drbubbles said...

Pakcik Jiwa,

We can learn a lots from the kids. Kalau translate, " Sup Ayam untuk (Pakcik) Jiwa" tu.. hahahaha

mak budak mudah alih said...

DrBubbles...please forward your worries to the right authority(sp) so that freak accidents can be avoided before it happens. Call the 1-800 number if you need to get clarification. If you have problem or tak layan, let me know. *on a serious note*

*off serious note* now days aahhh...aiyohh very the smart you know. Must talk rational one!! They can understand one you know!!!

drbubbles said...

mm: i patutnya pi cari cover tu.
long gone the time when you can just tell them without reason.

Kak Teh said...

pak cik? pak cik? pak cik? hahahah! (from a confirmed mak cik)

drbubbles said...

ketawaaa aaa...tak pe takpe..

mak budak mudah alih said...

It has become like a problem now regarding those manhole covers hilang. People steal them to sell. Usually drug addicts la yang curi. If it needs to be replace, is best to call them up (1-800) and inform the authorities.

Takut bila budak main dekat situ and they fall, lagi masaalah. I've heard of so many cases like that. ;)

puteri said...

so cute..both u and the kids..hehe..

nadya said...

hehehehe! abg is,
you're a 'pakcik' already.. maaann...

u should wear your 'red' nose time bg nasihat.. mesti lagi meriah.

good advise. a lesson to me too :)

drbubbles said...

mm: yes..itu dok risau tu...

puteri: yes I am cute! heheheh...

nad: hahaha...dah tua donggg...yes great lesson kan?