Sunday, March 02, 2008

Library Project @ Rumah Nurul Hidayah, Kg Cheh, Bukit Gantang: Ryzah's story

Ryzah wrote in details on the trip to Kg Cheh last weekend. I too, shared her view: it was humbling experience. Personally, meeting Pak Manap is a truly humbling experience. Unfortunately, Forbes missed this guy for the list of top 48 philanthropists in Asia recently. Go and and meet him one fine day and you will know why I've said that.


elisataufik said...

best nya. I am so jealous.
I always envy people who take their time to do this kind of work.
Sayang I duduk jauh and can't help.
Eh next project apa dan bila? Maybe I can help albeit 'remotely'.

nur wardah said...


its quite intersting reading ur journal.. if there any project, i would like to join.. pleaz emai me.. at d address below.

thanx n may allah bless u alwaz 4 ur good job..