Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orphanage Library Project: Online Donations

You can contribute to the orphanage library project online by clicking here.

This is an option for people who has Maybank account.We have yet to have facilities as of today and we are still waiting for its approval (last stage it seems).

The link provided is our payment gateway and you can still contribute maybank2u,credit card payment there. I hope the arrangement is not too troublesome for some of you who wants to contribute.

Oh!And if you have CIMB account, you can use CIMB Clicks.

If you have any problem, please email me.Be glad to help you.


Gabey Goh said...

Hi Dr. Bubbles,

You have been cyberspotted by Malay Mail! Would you consent to be featured?
If so, do drop me an email at and I will forward you our questionnaire.



Diz said...

Hi! This ties in really well with the Media Kit we were supposed to work on :)

drbubbles said...

Dear Gabey,

No problemo.I have emailed you my response.

diz: hehehe.. a ah how are you?

nadya said...

aby is..

insyaallah, this time around, nad bleh ikut pi chemor.. 1st week of ramadhan is it?