Friday, August 15, 2008

Orphanage Library Project: Update 1

Raised RM4300 in donation and pledges by today.Another RM8700 to go.

Most likely the installation of library will take place on the 6th September 2008, (Saturday) during Ramadhan.I shall confirm it as soon as possible.


U.Lee said...

Hi DrBubbles, wow! I'm very impressed with what you doing. Your very kind gestures, actions towards people really outstanding. Good for you.

By the way, I stayed in Ipoh wayyyy back in early 70's at Canning Gardens. But only for a year. But I sure love Ipoh....not to mention the lovely SYT's (sweet young things) there, ha ha. are a gentleman and a very good man. You have a great week and stay easy,best regards, Lee.

drbubbles said...

Uncle Lee,

thanks for dropping by.I believe Ipoh still has SYTs available.hahaha...