Sunday, February 15, 2009

Islamic Relief implements Psychosocial Support Project in Gaza

"Let's move on!" is the motto of Islamic Relief's Psychosocial Support Project for the most affected families and children after the war on Gaza.

Child Welfare Programme is implementing this project to alleviate the psychological pressures facing people in the Gaza Strip. The project helps them forget the hard times people have passed through and provide them with information and skills in order to act the best way in times of danger and crisis.

The project targets 8,300 children living in devastated areas in the north, Rafah and Gaza, especially in the areas that pass through heavy military incursions like Jabalia, Beit Lahiya, Zaytoun and Tal El Hawa.

The project is implemented in partnership with the local NGO El Wedad Association for Rehabilitation and other partners in the affected areas in order to ease continuation of activities. Free drawing, depriving and intervention are some of the project's activities in order to decrease the level of tension and rebuild the thoughts and behaviour of children to be more positive and normal.

The project also includes home visits to the tents and the destroyed homes for people in the areas that witnessed severe military actions. This is to determine the psychological and social needs, then providing them with the suitable individual and group counseling through distributing gifts and toys in addition to recreational activities to let them communicate with the society.

Mahmoud Abu Draz, Manager of Child Welfare Programme, said, "This project needs intervenes urgently for the children who passed through traumas reflecting on their behaviors. For this reason, our intervention is important to provide them with better life."

It is worthy mentioning that the project activities will continue for the coming two months in dividing the children into groups. Each group is having six sessions.


hazyr said...

A timely move indeed. God bless!

p/s I'll be back soon.. I promise :)

tajudin said...

moga Allah rahmati tuan dan keluarga, Amin.

drbubbles said...

ryzah: Yup.Do join us nanti.

Bro Tajudin: Kami di Malaysia hanya menyampaikan maklumat.

Let us offer our prayers to the Islamic Relief team on the ground who, despite the insecurity and with bombs raining down around them, started to help the affected people in Gaza six hours into the war.

The team worked night and day to help the vulnerable and those that became displaced whilst exposing themselves to all kinds of vulnerabilities.