Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Sunday's reflection

Photo: Islamic Relief/Jenny Matthews

I revisited my old entry to reflect on the 'lomba-lomba' of local NGOs championing the Gaza's cause. I decided to repost again the philosophy below.

Go to the People
Live with the People
Learn from the People
Plan with the People
Work with the People
Start with what they know
Build on what they have
Teach by showing, learn by doing
Not a showcase, but a pattern
Not piecemeal, but integrated
Not odds and ends, but a system
Not to conform, but to transform
Not relief, but release

- Yen Yangchu, 20th century community-based development pioneer from Sichuan, China

Frankly, I could not help to be sceptical on the current scenario. Now everybody in the third sectors says "Give us the funds as we are the first,the best and the bla bla bla".

I don't really mind who gets what,the most or what not. The questions is whether we are ready to commit wholeheartedly for the cause for a long period of time?Would we commit until they are able to stand on their feet again?Would you still be there with the people even when your funds has run out?

For us, the answer is very clear. We have been there in Gaza with the people for 10 years and whatever we have built destroyed in just 3 weeks.Do you think that we will pack our bag and quit?It will take us for another 10 years to ensure that the people will be able to stand on their feet again.

I have always believe; help others to change their life.The calls to change life goes beyond charity.It requires commitment.COMMITMENT!

I remember asking our international fundraising director not so long ago,

"What makes us different from the rest?"

His answer was,

"We do it with our own hands because we have pledge to deliver the trust of the people".


UmiAzuddin said...

One word : ISTIQAMAH

Semoga Allah memberkati segala usaha.

Anonymous said...

"apabila ikhtiar sudah cukup,
yang usaha telah habis,
yang mujur tidak dapat diraih,
yang malang tidak dapat ditolak,
yang nasib sudah bertentu,
yang takdir sudah tersurat,
yang suratan sudah berlaku,
yang daya sampai hadnya"

Kembali kepadaNya. Amin. Semoga kamu dipermudahkan. Saya mendoakan kebahagianmu dan keselamatan saban masa dalam apa yang diusahakan.