Monday, July 07, 2008

Train rides

I love train rides.

Yet, I can still clearly remember my first train ride from Jerantut (the station is just few hundred yards from my parent's house) to Pasir Mas with my aunt. I was seven at that time and that was my first time taking ride on a train by tagging her along during the school break at her place in Rantau Panjang.

It was a terrifying journey. Not because of the many hours-long and arduous journey plus the never-ending stops at small and remote stations like Dabong or Manek Urai during the journey.

But rather, her incessant blabbering for 12 hours straight and only ceased for a little while when she went to the cramped and smelly toilet at the end of the 3rd class coach and came out again looking very fresh. Apparently she was perhaps the only one in that coach who had the pleasure taken the bath. How I wish back then I could jump off the train and cried out aloud,

"She's not my auntie!!!!!"


klmuk said...

Bro, for the 5 years I was in boarding school, I had to travel by train from K.Lipis to Wakaf Baru. It was really an adventure for a 12-yr old. Who can ever forget "zabek..zabek.. mek nok beli zabek? sammah jah!"? See you soon in Msia, inshaallah!

fusarium solani said...

my first train ride when i was 9 years old, from bahau to kuala krai. going back to my village in teleson, pasir puteh.jungle train. first time also to see mat saleh travelling in front of my eye he!he!

fusarium solani said...

ops, salah eja nama kg. telosan (nampak sangatlah aliff tak balik kg lagi dah!)

Anonymous said...

emm my first train is in funfair semenyih year 1976 hua hua 0.50cent .. 3 kali round .. actually never have experience naik train especially naik KTM .. buy nowdays selalu naik STAR LRT n LRT bawah tanah .. sesakali naik ERL .. tapi untill now belum lagi rasa naik KTM punyer ... best kerrrrr ...


Akmal said...

Haha, you are one kind of a nephew ya :P And of course your aunt is another story haha.
My first experience on train is quite late, during my form 3 I think. P.Mas to Bahau.
What I did on the rough ride? Obviously sleeping hahaha.

drbubbles said...

klmuk: zabek? apakah benda itu?jumpa nanti, Insya Allah.

muz: keretapi mel malam lah tu.Usually it will stop by in Jerantut around say 1 am.

jeanlusuh: dah tua ko ya!1976 naik tren dah..

akmal: Boleh tidur??? I think the train ride with my aunt scores much more in the "keazaban" scale compared to my train ride in 3rd class from Bangkok to Nongkhai during Thailand school holiday.

fusarium solani said...


zabek/jabek: kismis (saduran arab)
tupat:epal (saduran arab juga)