Sunday, July 13, 2008

50 Kedai Buku Terbaik!

Saya benar-benar teruja apabila 2 daripada 50 kedai buku terbaik di United Kingdom yang disenaraikan oleh akhbar The Independent UK baru-baru ini,ternyata saya sudah lawati dahulu.

Saya kira tinggal lagi 48 buah kedai buku yang saya harus tanda dalam senarai tempat-tempat yang perlu dilawati sebelum ajal.


Earthmom said...

I have to admit I have only bought from 2 on the list too. and Heathrow.
Great to see independent bookstores making it into the list though!

Awang Goneng said...

The character of bookshops changed when big chain stores stole the show. I used to enjoy the Mandarin Bookshop in Notting Hill and Simmonds in Fleet Street, and the old Economist bookshop and the Shop Across the Road (both at the LSE) but they are all gone now. The boig bookshops are now all very samey, even some of those listed in the Independent's list are but branches of the big stores. They devour the book trade and kill small publishers, and they even ask for extra premium for books to be placed prominently in their stores. They sell books at 3 for the price of 2, like some of your grocery. And like the practise of the big store grocers , it is subsidised by the little farmers (and the little publishers) who can hardly afford the practise while the big boys revel in their game of generosity. One of the better bookstores to patronise is the London Review of Books bookshop near the British Museum. Good because this is a shop run by people who genuinely love books and who care for readers and publishers and writers. And they have a nice cafe next door. There is a little second hand bookshop in Notting Hill gate where reviewers used to dump 'proof' copies of unpublished works which you could obtain very cheaply. But that practise isn't allowed anymore, but the bookshop is still there - great for secondhand and collectors comic books and second hand novels and general works. And in Marylebone High Street there is a wonderful Oxfam bookshop, the best in town (and probably the country) where you can still pick up 'proof' editions if you're lucky. And the Waterstone's that used to be Dhillon's Bookshop in Bloomsbury is exceptional. Lots of bargains to pick up there among their Remainders. They also have an antiquarian section, good but beyond my means mostly.