Friday, August 11, 2006

New York Clown Festival

Hilary Chaplain's " A day in her Life"

I am frantically at the moment trying to work out plans to go to New York City next month. The reason: 1st New York Clown Festival at The Brick Theatre in Brooklyn, held from 1st to 24th Sept 2006. Lots of workshops and performances by various artists. Hilary Chaplain and Drew Richardson, two wonderful clowns I met during Eccentric Performing 05 will be performing their work there. What interest me most are the master-classes by Sue Morrison, Chris Bayes and Jef Johnson in particular. Philippe Gaulier's class is already full. Heard today that even Bill Irwin will be around on the 10th Sep. I want to meet this guy inspiring prince clown and award winning actor.

Drew Richardson

Just submitted my bank loan application to fund the trip. I pray that it will go through within 2 weeks. Only after that I can book the place in the workshops. I wrote to Emirates. Hopefully they can sponsor my trip there. I keep my fingers cross on this.

Accommodation in NYC is very expensive. This time around I can't even afford to pay USD30 per night at youth hostel or YMCA. Luckily fellow rantauan and sentraalstation member, mrs. blogreader saved the day. Sleeping on the sofa in her living room in Hoboken is good enough for me during the stint.

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