Monday, April 13, 2009

common sense

I received this via email.Instead of funds, Someone wants to sponsor these books for the orphanage.

1. Terjemahan "Di bawah Bayangan Al Quran-Syed Qutb"
2. The Nobles Quran – Dr Taqiuddin Al Hilali /Dr Mohsein Khan
3. Tafseer Ibnu Kathir

The books are good. No doubt about it. But, do you think these titles is suitable for the children? I don't think so.

I have come to realise that not only we have to find good and suitable books for the kids but also to educate people on how to give effectively.

That is why we encourage people to give funds instead of books. You may ask, why we require funds instead of books?

1. It will allow us to plan carefully on what kind of books suitable to be bought for the orphanages.

2. To avoid duplication of titles.Rugi!

Anyway, I have emailed the person and suggested him with suitable new titles.

Hope he will understands and still helps.


akuatik said...

beratnya tema buku tu...yang dah remaja bangka pun lum tentu leh baca habis kalau kasi buku-buku camtu..

selamat bermusafir ke eropah nanti..

Shamsul said...

tafseer ibnu katheer tu klau dia dah tak nak baik jual kat aku, bleh aku belajar sedikit sebanyak..bleh aku bg dia duit utk dia sedekah kat kau plak..fair? so how much? :)

sam blue