Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Found it!

Ah.Finally found a book on CSR! One thing for sure - Kinokinuya KLCC needs to look into their book search system.
Growing Up in Terengganu received warm welcome from readers in Terengganu during book launch in KT, I was told by kakteh today.And good news for KL readers - Awang Goneng will be reading his book on the 29th December in Bangsar. Details here.


ayah su said...

hai bro...
my previous employer - was and still is atice in CSR...if u want, i can email to u some of the presentation material ...

emel me pls if interested.

pak payne

Manal said...

Dude, where were u today? I made it to bangsar's seksan albeit half n hour late. Missed dina zaman and patrick teoh sessions but i saw him walking out the door along chet. I managed to hear AG from the beginning till the end, had a chitchat with the RH Pak Samad Said and his lovely wife, kak shida, of course met kak teh and pak adib and last but not the least, shook hands with Sharon Bakar herself.

And btw, Rashidi Ishak, vanidah imran's hubby is your staroba senior eh? he shouted STAROBA during one of his inarticulate yet casual winning speeh on sehati berdansa.

Salina said...

Read about your previous posting on you wanting to do your master's degree. Try to apply for the British Chevening Scholarship via British Council. You either have to get a good first degree or if not excellent work record. The form is normally out in October and you must not be more than 35 years old to be eligible for the scholarship! Good Luck!

drbubbles said...

ayahsu aka idham: dah sent email to you.

manal: i was in IKEA.met an old friend there. by the time we finished our tea, dah abis dah pun event at seksan.anyway met AG and kakteh the next day (ysterday).

shidee or rasky so called, was my senior.his dhobi boy is my classmate.he's quite kayu in dancing - wat camno...but i must say his acting in CINTa was brilliant!

salina: dropped by at your blog.thanks for the lead. lambat sikit aje - missed the deadline.