Monday, December 10, 2007

Growing Up in Terengganu

I met the author of Growing Up in Terengganu (GUIT), Awang Goneng aka W.A.Hulaimi yesterday at Kinokinuya KLCC.Ah, finally, I met the witty man himself and managed to get my two copies of GUIT signed by him.

I read GUIT with envy. How I wish he could write Growing Up in Pahang (GUIP) instead. By all means, every Terengganu citizen must have this wonderfully written piece.

He and his GUIT reminded me very much of Yorkshire's famous son, James Herriot aka country vet Mr. Alf Wight who wrote such classics, All Creatures Great and Small and All Things Wise and Wonderful.


Akmal said...

yes, i read some of the contents. still along way to go. got to juggle up between the book and my classes hahaha. very nice book indeed.
Btw, nice meeting you too yesterday bro(",).

Jiwa Rasa said...

If I knew you will be meeting AG, I would ask you to get me one signed copy!!!

Manal said...


Would there be another round of reading n meeting session with kakteh and AG any soon at another bookshop, perhaps?

Need to email kakteh ni.

Zabs said...

Salam Drbubbles,
Nice meeting you there, yesterday. Even though at first, I thought you were somebody else. Glad you were there, and now I can add another blogger friend to my blog rolls.

Zawi said...

Sorry for misleading zabs into believing you to be somebody else. Sincerely I am happy to have met you. I hope there will be more occassions for us to meet. Please allpw me to add your site to my blog roll.

Mat Salo said...

It was a pleasure Dr.Bubbles... been to your blog before and finally got to meet you in person. I've got some pix to send to you. Got a gmail address? Mine's at madsalos[at]gmail.

Take care!

P/S Didn't realize hang STAROBA. Know my cousin Bob (rugger player from Semban, NS)? Now he's a bigtime contractor ha-ha.

elviza said...

Ha! I found you! He he he he...

Great meeting you in person yesterday Dr. Bubble

ubisetela said...

You should start writing GUiP! :)

Wished I could be there to meet AG & K.Teh :(

drbubbles said...

akmal: nice meeting you too, bro.I have visited your blog.Keep up writing.Jarang-jarang jumpa orang muda berfikir jauh!

abe jiwa: Oh abe jiwa, jgn risau, I can get you another signed copy as they will be here until Jan.Jangan bimbang...

Manal: I am not sure.But I was told there will book launch session soon.Sunday's session was organised by a blogger.

Pak Zabs: Hahaha..aiseh a case of mistaken identity ni...your blog is already in morning reading list.

Pak Zawi: nice meeting you pak zawi.I visited your blog yesterday.No problem to put my blog in your link.I have yours in must-read-in-the-morning blogs.

abe mat salo: mine is adabi99[at] Bro bob tahun bila di STAR? I was in 1993. He must be my senior.

Elviza: hahaha...dok read your blog dah lama dah..nice meeting you the other day.

ubisetela: GUIP?hehe..tak pa..habis study boleh jumpa depa punya!

klmuk said...

Cewah.. KT dah jumpa, AG dah jumpa.. bila lagi nak berjumpa snowbell?? haha!!!

drbubbles said...


ni hantar whiskas sebagai tanda!hahaha!

jaflam said...

Dr.B, great meeting you. I guess we have fun last Sunday.... and mind you the KinoK Manager is still looking for the person who dared to tamper with their books arrangements.... you wre caught by their camera and now wanted at KinoK. Than you for taking care of Kak Teh & AG after the meeting.

drbubbles said...

Pak Jafflam,

Hahaha..I'll wear clown mask next time going to KinoK.

AG and KTeh are like my 'surrogate parents' already.It is an honour indeed to make sure they are comfortable during their back-home trip.

I already linked your blog to mine.

Kak Teh said...

Is, i can never thank you enough - for everything. I can never get that image of you behind the shelves, out of my head! Must meet up

syed syahrul zarizi said...

Love reading your blog

Off topic just want to share about a wonderful charity group that helps unfortunate childrens

Here's the link and

akula said...

I really have to get it.

drbubbles said...

kakteh: ala don't mention itlah!

syed: dropped by dah..good work bro!

akula: nak signed copy tak?