Friday, June 20, 2008

Charity Notice Board: Baitul Fitrah, Rawang

I came across Baitul Fitrah's blog recently (set up by volunteers) after reading Cik piza's blog and they urgently need these items:
1. Fridge - just 1 more unit (They bought 1 unit and I got 1 unit donated by a masjid)
2.TV - 2 more units ( I got 1 unit donated by a masjid)
3. Washing machine - 1 more unit (they bought 1 unit,I got 1 unit donated by a masjid)
For complete list go to their blog.
Selamat beramal!


ennumaellish said...

Salam drbubbles,

I'm so happy that you post this Notice Board for Baitul Fitrah. And I am double-double happy to see that there are programs organised for the children. Indeed, they are really in need.. Thank you very much!
I came across your blog via sometime ago.. You must have such a big heart to be able to do what you did (libraries, etc)..
You know what, you make me think of Coluche, a very2 well known stand-up comedian in France, with a such big heart..

Again, Tahniah dan terima kasih!!!

Do you mind if I write a bit about you in my blog?

drbubbles said...

I am just doing my small bitlah..
Coluche? Hah..I better find out more about him.Where's your blog by the way?

ennumaellish said...