Sunday, June 01, 2008

One in a Million!

I received this email from the man himself few minutes ago.

Dear Iskandar,

Liz in Boulder has kept me updated about your situation with funding and official procedures.

I have a proposal for you that might be helpful. As you know I also teach a clown intensive in Norway this summer, from June 24th to July 20th. It corresponds to the Red Nose workshop that I teach in Boulder. You can check online for the details on my web site.

It happens that we have a couple of scholarships that we are offering and we think that you could fit into one of them.

It would be a consistent reduction: Liz would divert your deposit to this training and the rest of the tuition would be covered by the scholarship.You would have to take care of travel and accommodation.

Please let me know if that would be an option for you.If so, please let me know as soon as possible, given the short time we have.Once confirmed you would proceed with your travel plans.

You could come to Norway on a tourist Visa, or a student visa, and if necessary, we will provide certificate of enrollment for the training.

Sincerely & best regards

Giovanni Fusetti
Seriously, it is a one in a million kind of offer! And frankly, I don't know what to do.

To raise funds for airfare & accommodation within 2 weeks is nearly impossible (If only if I could just cross out that "nearly im..."). And the fact that, I just started working and to ask for long leave is another nearly impossible!(Again, if only if I could just cross out this second "nearly im..." from the sentence).

I haven't got any clue on what to do next or even courage to reply to his email.


t said...

any chance of chancing the date to a later one and still getting the scholar??ehehehehe....

ask la...u may never know what lies in front of you...

what about the geran?? any cerita??

OOD said...

Yep, good!

write to him and be truthful. Say you are keen (unless you are not?) but say you need time to raise the air-fare and romance your boss into giving you the leave.

fusarium solani said...


che is,

dalam tiap-tiap kesusahan pasti ada kemudahan!

aliff doakan che is berjaya.

n.i. said...


I wish u all the best... Insya Allah setiap jalan ke arah kebaikan akan dipermudahkan oleh Allah laluannya... :-)

nadya said...

u can do it abg IS!!!!!

try la explain to ur new boss and him,who make the offer


drbubbles said...

t: am asking.tengoklah macamano...geran will take time to go through..almaklum saja lah dealing dgn govt.

ood: telling him the truth.ada rezeki ada lah.

muz: makaseh.

n.i:thank you puan.agree with you 101%.Teringat kata Mejar Azmi, Head of Security TM.katanya,

"Ada benda yang mungkin kita tak dapat hari ini, Allah nak bagi better option kat kita later".

based on his experience dia cakap begitu.

nadya: thanks for the advice.

Naz sweethuneyz said...

I dunno how to tell u that how happy i am reading this post. and i know how badly u want this thing to happen.

u know what to do and whats good for u, Is! *smile*


hazyr said...

don't give up yet... explore all possible options so that by the end of it, you'll know you've done your best. Mana tau your boss boleh sponsor the air fare and treat this trip as part of your training process ke? long shot I know but just give it a harm kan?

good luck!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

eh nak termenangis i baca entry you yang ini!!!! so happy for you!

i pray for the best of choices, doc!

updates, please!!!

by the way... about visiting adik syazwan, i really takut i tak kuat... :-( tolong peluk ciumkan dia untuk kami, ya...???

pakpayne said... wishes. bila nak pergi tu? tak sempat ka kita jumpa2 masa saya balik bercuti2 malaysia nanti...

yes, one in a million chance....

live ur dream Is....!!!


elisataufik said...

(eh eh, I pulak yang terasa bangga.. heh heh)

so apa cerita?
If I were you, I'd try and ask to see if you can get the same deal for next year. At least ada time to kumpul duit and cuti.

Zawi said...

We can rally for you and ask bloggers to donate. It is a good cause and all it takes is for each of us to donate RM10 into your bank account and you may have enough for most of your initial needs.
What say you? If you are agreable I can start the ball rolling and ask everyone of my friends to solicit donations on teir blog.

FiSHY@iKe said...

dr. b, i pray you all the best and may Allah ease ur business in this particular matter, insyaAllah, :D

p/s: i cant agree more with what pak zawi had suggested. pak zawi, count me in!