Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Never give up!!

Thank for your prayers,support and ideas on Norway trip's dream.

Unfortunately, done everything and just ran out my options already and duly informed Mr Fusetti to give the scholarship to other aspiring clowns.

I never ever give up.Just no (a little less) luck this time.

Again, thank you for your thoughts/ideas/support and prayers!

Ado rezeki den nanti,Insya Allah!


fusarium solani said...

Itulah yang seh nak donga dari Che Is!
InsyaAllah, poluang tak sekali tibo, harapan tak sekali datang eh.
Mungkin ado nan lobih baik disimpan untuk Che Is di maso akan datang!

elisataufik said...

did you ask him whether you're going to be offered again next year? Hopefully you will lah kan?
In the mean time, kumpul duit!!

drbubbles said...

fus-mus: sekali datang jo.

elisataufik: unless I'll go to norway.They don't offer for boulder,CO classes.in term of scholarship, yes it;s worth it.but when it comes to expenses, norway is expensive than boulder...

naz sweethuneyz said...


i'm with u with watever decision u make.

i'm going to kl this weekend. really hoping to meet u!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alo alo alo doc bubbs :-)
do you know you're the first blogger i met (or rather, accidentally met)??? grins.

next time if nak tegur, put first all your clowning attire, then maybe baru i boleh register dalam kepala, tak le lambat react macam malam tu! hahaha!

ini, mati-mati i ingat usher theater nak marah i ambik gambar dalam theater, hehe!!!

hey, sure was very very nice to see ya and your lot, Doc! sorry tak sempat nak jumpa lepas the show sebab zunar was rushing for his harakah-cartoon deadline :-(

1 hari nanti kita jumpa lagi, yah? :-)

about this chance that you've let go... tak pe, selalunya rezki yang mendatang untuk orang macam you ni insyaAllah dalam bentuk yang lebih hebat..! maybe, nanti dapat pergi belajar clowning and dapat sponsored for honeymoon also, kaa ;-D

have faith! :-D

my kitchen said...

salam dr Dubai...

IS if u can go ,go for in it ur change to se improve ur talent more over ...you looking for that,bro dont mis the change, me in dubai ok,sihat but bz with my work
biasa la chef ....bz memenjangggg hahhahhah,send my regard to farouk@farah atika.......any thing just mail me at azg75kcb@gmail.com


Roti Kacang Merah said...

doc, nah, nah sini *grins*