Friday, May 30, 2008

let go

I have to let go my wish to study theatrical clowning under Giovanni Fusetti this year. I can't even raise the deposit USD400 to hold my place for the workshop before the deadline tomorrow (31st May 2008) .

Perhaps, in the near future, I will meet you Mr.Fusetti.

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fusarium solani said...


che is,

jangan sedih. insyallah tahun hadapan mungkin Allah swt beri kelapangan.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Salam Doc!
the one consolation that one can see from this is that perhaps there's a very important 'unfinished business' that Allah wants you to complete dulu, ke?

For someone precious like you, Allah would say 'Wait!' and gives you THE BEST in His own time!!!

I know one day you'd go for the workshop ~ don't you let go of that dream yet, mkay!

hey, how's adik syazwan doing, ya..?

and on a lighter note... how's your Spanish lessons getting on??? ;-D

OOD said...


setuju dgn roti kacang merah. important business like... erm..., menikah, sebagai contoh je ni.

drbubbles said...

muzzy: insya allah.mudah-mudahan.

alin roti kacang merah: thanks for the pep talk. I want to visit syazwan...nak ikut tak? kat kota damansara aje...

spanish lesson? opsss..postponed to september..busy amettt!

OOD: wah wah...menikah? duit bayar deposit kelas badut pun tadak!

farouq said...

Takpe ada rezeki tak kemana..kalau dah diakdirkan pergi..tahun depan pun boleh...