Monday, January 21, 2008

Just RM90 to RM9000!

I have checked this morning, that we just require RM90 to reach RM9000 marks.

Based on RM8000 mark earlier, the two home will get RM4000 each worth of books (of course that will include the bookshelves!) I have bought most of the books for Rumah Nur Zaharah. Below are the summary of the expenses so far.

Rumah Nur Zaharah,Janda Baik Pahang

Expenses : RM3313.80
Balance : RM686.20

Note: The balance will be used to buy reference books for UPSR,PMR and SPM.

On the other hand,

Rumah Nurul Hidayah, Kuala Kangsar,Perak

Expenses: RM2532.00
Balance : RM1468.00

Note: We still have time as the trip to K.Kangsar will only be scheduled sometime in February or early March.


hazyr said...

I am so proud of you... congratulation!

OOD said...

va va va!

Iskandar said...

ryzah: without your help,this won't happen. :)

ood: va va va...siapa sangka kan? :)

Zabs said...

Tahniah Iskandar,
You have done well, maybe by noe you have had the 9k target. Syabas.

drbubbles said...

Pak Zabs,

Thanks pak zabs, by now we should reach it already! :)

FiSHY@iKe said...

Dr B! COngratz! InsyaAllah, you'll get the RM9k! (I presume u already got it, because if your not, I'm willing to top my own money up, :D) anyway, you'll be going to kuala kangsar ya? A trip I wouldn't miss. Looking forward for coming 2nd february, :-D

sweethuneyz said...

congrats beb!!
soooo happy for u!!