Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mari Meng"Hudson" puisi


oleh Ogden Nash

Celery, raw,

develops the jaw,

But,celery, stewed,

Is more quietly chewed.

Selepas ia di'Hudson'kan,

Saderi, bila mentah,

membina rahang,

Tapi Saderi bila direndidih,

Ia lebih senyap dikunyah!


ubisetela said...

goreng pun sodap...

*this one u translate or mmg 'selebriti' tu terjemahkan? :D

drbubbles said...

celery?deep fried or stir fried?hehehe..

i tried to ask her...ah well, better I do it myself..hahaha..

pugly said...

Ahahahahah! 'Meng-hudson-kan puisi' is becoming a verb in its own right, same as 'facebooking' & 'googling'.

Well, at least this time around she had managed to produce something 'original'. You plagiarised other people's works & voila! You created a new word in everyone's vocabulary :-P

Anonymous said...

pugly: i am nominating her for Sasterawan Negara this year.

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

hi dr. bubbles.

this is my 1st time here. 1st of all, thnks for the bday wish. tak sangka plak ni org jerantut. hehe. regarding the entry, in malay, celery is saderi? baru ni sy tau pasal ni. selama ni sy sebut celery je. huhu

Kak Teh said...

cuba pergi ke sharon bakar's blog. ramai bloggers dah menghudsonkan beberapa puisi Inggeris.

Anonymous said...

doc., how to contact u regarding the library project?

mia_88 at tm dot com dot my

akak said...


Two thumbs up for the good work..
I tried several times with my to deposit using online transaction.. but it seems failed lately.. maybe the bank is doing some re-construction on the server.. as soon its ok.. you will find it..

drbubbles said...

mia_88: you can reach me at 019-6925192

akak: thanks.just let me know, once you bank-in.

sarah: kawan memang orang jerantut.selalu jenguk bog demeh..

kakteh: so funny lah depa!