Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today I learned new word - "mematik".At first I thought it was "memetik"- the act of plucking fruits.Only after I asked the lady, I got the meaning right.

"Mematik" is a process whereby the tempurung (inner stone of the coconut or the endocarp) is removed carefully with a small 'kapak' and leaving the testa intact, a thick albuminous endosperm (the coconut "meat" or isi kelapa), the white and fleshy edible part of the seed. The meat then will be used for making santan,kelapa parut,etc.

I was in Sabak Bernam today, visiting the lady who has cancer to find out whether she is eligible for microcredit assistance from my organisation. From our initial observation, she might have a great chance to receive the assistance. My guts feeling said so too.Of course, she has to go through the normal process of stringent microcredit application procedures before she gets the grant to start her 'ayam kampung' rearing project soon.

Anyway, I must share with you here,the 'upah' for mematik is unbelievable cheap. She is paid 12 cents for every kilo of that "isi kelapa". For every 100 coconuts she cracked open and cleaned she'll get RM6.It depends too on other factors. If it's rain - she can't go to work.

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OOD said...

Dr B,
if she has a sdn bhd, and the company is majority owned by woman, maybe i can help her get some grants aka free money to buy equipment. Tak le mematik with bare hands ka, whatever lah. Lemme know if i can help.