Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Books for the Orphans

I received a birthday greeting postcard from the Times The Bookshop today.This coming 7th January I'll be 32. So they gave a RM3 birthday voucher plus 20% discount on books from any of their outlets nationwide.

I never celebrate birthday since I was 10 years old. This time around I am 'celebrating' it for a better reason by using the voucher I got to buy books for Nur Zaharah Orphanage in Janda Baik, Pahang.Plus, I am redeeming my credit card points to claim for more book vouchers.

Of course, I would be delighted if you want to chip in. You can pledge your contributions via email to adabi99@yahoo.com and let me know your pledge(s).

Or you can just bank-in your contributions to my Maybank account (MBB: 162188016529 - ISKANDAR SYAH ISMAIL) .

To date, I already have RM500. My target is to raise around RM2000 (so that we can get about 250 books). This funds will be used to buy bookshelves,children's books, teen novels, motivational books and career guidances.

P.S Frankly, I am quite reluctant to accept donated books. From my experience so far, only 10% of the donated books are usable. The rest, will go into the bin.


pugly said...

Your selfless act is admirable. If I were to get book vouchers, I can't say for sure that I'd want to share them with anyone else.

You're only 32 this year??! Mati2 I ingatkan you're around Jules' age. You're actually 2 years my junior (& that makes me feel so old)!

hazyr said...

A January baby? me too! :)

Anyway, I am interest to help out. Will email you soon. No datelines right?

drbubbles said...

Pugly: thanks. abe Jules dah tua tapi tak sedar-sedar lagi...hehehe as long we are younger than Jules -consider that we are still young..hahaha (matilah kena kutuk dgn Jules lepas ni)

hazyr: We are so Capricorn-on-cobs hehehe...thanks for helping.Yes you can email me. Dateline? Hopefully can raise enough by mid or end of January.

pugly said...

Jules tu dah kira pangkat 'Pakcik' daaahhh ... hahahaha!

Zabs said...

Salam drbubbles,
Kita sama bintang nampaknya. Very kind of you, in deciding to donate the books on your birthday. Baru 32, and wishing you, to have many more birthdays and many more children shall benefit from it. Will have my small share (since tak payah beli cake for you) in your account soon. Salam.

drbubbles said...

Pak Zabs,

Terima kasih atas ucapan selamat hari "tua setahun lagi" hehe..

Niat nak donate ini bukan sebab nak sambut hari lahir (saya memang tak sambut hari lahir dan berkek dan lilin bagai pun -it's just a number). Saya fikir dengan cara ini dapat memberi dengan lebih bermakna.Moga buku-buku itu membuka pandangan anak anak itu untuk keluar dari kepompong kesusahan dan kesedihan dan menuntut hak mereka di dalam dunia ini.

Terima kasih kerana sudi bantu.Harap dapat maklumkan pada saya kalau sudah masukkan sumbangan pak zabs -supaya saya boleh track siapa yang bantu.

drbubbles said...

pugly: he reads this blog.habislah kita!

must said...

Have u try the online bookstore

I get all my textbooks for this semester from this bookstore. All are brand new and 60%off discount from normal price. See if any help.

hehe ^_^